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In accordance with the green sustainability we have decided to decrease the use and abuse of printed paper: please support our cause by using the online pdf versions of the programs or for other information.
Thanks by TRUEVENTI staff.



Organizing Secretariat

  • Project development and feasibility study
  • Preparation of mailing lists for advertising campaigns and newsletters
  • Promotion and communication of events through dedicated social media
  • Design and development of the graphic brand identity; digital and paper communication products, text editing and translation, web page outline and visual pattern
  • Location search
  • Budget management and financial management
  • Management of speakers and collection of registrations
  • Fund research and ad hoc commercial proposal for sponsors
  • Website management
  • Hotel booking
  • Organization and supply of staging, A/V service, television shooting
  • Management and organization of catering services
  • Transfer Services
  • Coordination of all on-site services

Educational Grant

Trueventi has been certified Ethical MedTech Trusted Partner by MedTech Europe.
The MedTech Code is a European-wide regulation that prohibits associated companies of electromedicals and in vitro diagnostic systems from directly sponsoring physicians and other categories of healthcare professionals at events organized by Third Parties. Member Companies may provide organizers with educational grants to support the costs of attending physicians who apply to the Company.
Training grants represent a new sponsorship method that entered into force in January 2018 following the application of the MedTech Code in Italy. The training contribution will be provided by Trueventi to doctors who request it and will replace the direct sponsorship by the companies adhering to the Code. The Training Contribution may cover the registration fee for the congress, travel and accommodation depending on the possibilities.



  • Official Letter to HCO
  • Official letter to the HCP
  • Registration
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Travel organization
  • Forecast budget


Management and organization of business and scientific webinars through a dedicated platform. Remote technicians and direction, graphics, A/V service.

DMC (Destination Management Company)

Organization of high-level services, in the context of incentives, congresses and events, team building, original activities, throughout the Italian territory.

logo Ethical MedTECh trusted partner

TRUEVENTI was certified Ethical MedTech Trusted Partner by MedTech Europe on march 19, 2020.
The MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice regulates all aspects of the industry’s relationship with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs), such as company-organised events, arrangements with consultants,research and financial support to medical education, amongst others. It also introduces an independent enforcement mechanism.

TRUEVENTI has devoted extensive technical and professional resources to creating a Quality System that has been certified to European Standard ISO 9001:2015. 


TRUEVENTI constantly monitors the validity of its organisational processes, client and staff satisfaction levels.


Non siamo lontani, anzi non siamo mai stati così vicini.. Serena Pasqua a tutti voi cari Amici! 

We are not far away, indeed we have never been so close…Happy Easter to all of you dear Friends!